Alan Moore related compilation 3 CDs

I have made this CD set last year, it contains Alan Moore related music from my collection.
First CD has studio recording of The Satanic Nurses / Emperors of Ice Cream (second incarnation). Longer version of ‘The Murders on the Rue Morgue’ (track 2) can be found on Storyteller CD, listed as The Satanic Nurses. Track 1 and 3 are sourced from the same recording so they could be Nurses tracks as well. Some Emperors tracks can be found on Storyteller CD also but there are few unreleased songs there like ‘London’, ‘Positively Bridge Street’ and Intro.
CD 2 has the live recording of Emperors UFO gig mentioned in ‘Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore‘ book, studio version of Emperors take on ‘Old Gangsters Never Die’ and 2 tracks with Pat Fish (‘Trampling Tokyo’ also available on Storyteller CD).
CD 3 has some odd tracks taken from old tapes including Alex Green’s home demos for the early Emperors of Ice Cream from ’78, instrumental demos of Mystery Guest‘s ‘Wurlitzer Junction’, live versions of Mystery Guests songs with Alan Moore lyrics, D-Go-Tees versions of 2 early Emperors songs and a D-Go-Tees song with Alan Moore lyrics.

CD 1

01, Another Suburban Romance 4:01
02, The Murders on the Rue Morgue 4:55
03, Fires I’d Wish I’d Seen 3:20
04, London 5:03
05, Me And Dorothy Parker 3:39
06, Mr A 3:50
07, Positively Bridge Street 4:29
08, Another Suburban Romance slightly different version 4:09
09, The Intro Of Ice Cream 3:00
10, The Murders on the Rue Morgue different shorter version 4:38

CD 2

01, Another Suburban Romance (live) 4:11
02, The Murders on the Roe Morgue (live) 3:42
03, Positively Bridge Street (live) 4:06
04, Me And Dorothy Parker (live) 3:29
05, Mr. A (live) 3:19
06, White Light / White Heat (Velvet Underground) (live) 4:25
07, Old Gangsters Never Die (studio) 11:32
08, London (different version) (Pat Fish / Alan Moore) 4:43
09, Trampling Tokyo (Pat Fish / Alan Moore) 5:33

CD 3

01, Wurlitzer Junction Mystery Guests guitar demo #1 1:25
02, Skyscraper early Emperors instrumental demo ’78 1:29
03, Do The Bum’s Rush (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) instrumental demo ’78 2:24
04, Whore’s Poem part 1 – Mystery Guests live ’81 0:57
05, Whore’s Poem part 2 – Mystery Guests live ’81 1:58
06, Wurlitzer Junction Mystery Guests guitar demo #2 1:27
07, Do The Bum’s Rush (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) D-Go-Tees demo 2:17
08, The Merry Shark You Are Mystery Guests live ’81 2:48
09, Sweet Potatoes Warbling (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) D-Go-Tees demo 2:42
10, The Age of Bavaria D-Go-Tees demo (written by Alan Moore/Glyn Bush) 2:39
11, Wurlitzer Junction full instrumental demo by Alex Green / Pickle 2:14

Another Suburban Romance songs

Old Gangsters Never Die

„Another Suburban Romance – that was a play co-written by Alan Moore and Andrew James (Old Gangsters Never Die came from this play).
Glyn Bush

‘Old Gangsters Never Die’ was originally a soliloquy in the play
Alex Green, Apollox 1995

Regarding Alan Moore: Storyteller book, the original Old Gangsters Never Die monologue was written a bit earlier for Northampton Art Labs performances but later incorporated to the play.
Alan brought it into the Emperors and later The Sinister Ducks. The Ducks version has been recorded at the Beck Studios in 1983 and appeared on the B-side of The March of The Sinister Ducks 7” single. Remastered version released on the second bonus CD of David J – Etiquette of Violance 2013 reissue.
Alternate 10 minutes long version has been recorded by the second incarnation of The Emperors of Ice Cream around the ’90s and also appeared in their live set.
First comic adaptation appeared on the cover of The Sinister Ducks single, later reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics (Robinson, 2008). Second comic version appeared in Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance (Avatar Press, May 2003)

Whore’s Poem

I wrote some music for the play along with my friend Pickle (PK) and we performed a song called the Whore’s Poem at the Racehorse.  I can’t remember if Alan was involved, he may have been in the audience. The play was never finished or performed anyway. The music was pretty crazy and tricky to play, very prog/Zappa ish.
It was largely instrumental apart from the Whores poem. Alan left us to our own devices.
Glyn Bush

‘Another Suburban Romance’ was an early Alan Moore/Andrew James collaboration. Written in play form, Glyn and I wrote and recorded the incidental music. Each Character had a signature tune. Hence the Whore’ Poem.
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice)

Whore's Poem

Whore’s Poem lyrics by Alan Moore

Guitar demos have been recorded for Another Suburban Romance play including Whore’s Poem. The song also appeared in the live set of The Mystery Guests around ’81. Audience recording of their Warwick University gig exists.

The Mystery Guests Live Tape

The Mystery Guests Live Tape (incl. Whore’s Poem)

Another Suburban Romance

Short piece of Another Suburban Romance horns intro was podcasted as part of The Dandy Hour Episode 8. It can be heard in the background from 10:55 to 11:27.

That was re-recorded recently from the original score. We had an idea to do it as a Dandelion Set track but it didn’t work out.  The recording was never finished bass drums organ etc and what there was …. just horns is not even mixed.
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice)

At least two versions have been recorded by The Satanic Nurses and The Emperors of Ice Cream later in the ’90s, although they have nothing to do with the original music written by Pickle and Glyn Bush.

I actually went to school with Alex as a teenager and used to free-jam with him sometimes. He was the first person to introduce Frank Zappa to me, (“Weasels ripped my flesh” I think,) so I thank him for that! Alan tried to sing the basic tune that they had cobbled together for “Suburban Romance”, musically initiated by a another Emperors Member and musical polymath who was known as “Pickle” […] It was all very hazy, so I took the lyrics away and composed a brand new tune & arrangement for it..something rather Brechtian in it’s flavour. Pickle went on to form a quirky Art-punk band called the “Mystery Guests” that Alan occasionally provided words for..(“Wurlitzer Junction” for example.)
Tim Perkins

First illustrated version of Another Suburban Romance lyrics was printed in Negative Burn #9 (March 1994). Second comic strip adaptation appeared in Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance (Avatar Press, May 2003).

Judy Switched Off the TV

It was mentioned in Alan Moore : Storyteller book and at Glycon website. Comic strip adaptation appeared in Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance (Avatar Press, May 2003).