Books / CDs:

Gary Spencer Millidge: Alan Moore: Storyteller
(incl. stunning audio CD)
Lance Parkin: Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore, 2013
George Khoury: The Extraordinary Works Of Alan Moore: Indispensable Edition
(especially the discography part by David Hume and Greg Strokecker)
Ian Shirley: Can Rock & Roll Save the World?: An Illustrated History of Music and Comics, 2005

Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance, Avatar Press 2003 (3 songs)
Alan Moore’s Magic Words, Avatar Press,2002 (Hair of the snake, Leopardman, Fires,14.2.99, town of lights)
Paul Gravett : The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics,2008
Alan Moore’s Songbook, Caliber Comics, 1998
Negative Burn: The Best From 1993-1998, Caliber Comics, 1998

Andrew J. Brooksbank: Bauhaus – Beneath The Mask, 1997
Andrew J. Brooksbank: David J – Etiquette of Violance 2013 reissue CD sleeve notes, 2013

Articles / interviews:

Alan Moore: Mystery and Abomination, Sounds , 1981-08-08
Alan Moore: Animals Rock n Roll, Critter #23
Andrew J. Brooksbank: Alex Green interview, Apollox, 1995
Jay Babcock: David J interview, LA Weekly
Zig Zag article, Jun 84
Bauhaus Information Club newsletter, 1982

Online sources:

Bauhaus Gig Guide
Alan Moore interview, Ptolemaic Terrascope issue 8, 1991
Toasting Absent Heroes interview w/Alan Moore
Alan Moore interview by Barry Kavanagh

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