Releases from 2017

Well, 2017 was a good year for Bauhaus fans, we got several new releases. I just thought to put together a list of my favourites from the last year, so here it is.

David J – Vagabond Songs 2xLP

Stunning new album from David that includes re-recorded / re-worked versions of some of my old favourites like “Feel Like Robert Johnson” and “There’s Room In My Summer For Two”. Demo versions for both that tracks along with “Ascension” appeared on a very limited licensing sampler CD called Demo selection 2003, although  Robert Johnson was an incomplete version there. Most of the album tracks had been previewed in David’s Patreon site before the release, but “Ester” and “Vesivio’s Window” got replaced with different versions on the LP. Released version of Robert Johnson is also a slightly different mix comparing with the Patreon version. Another interesting piece is “A Star Crossed Shipboard Romance” as David had a demo called “Shipboard Romance” back in 1983 which is a different song about the same romance. Order Vagabond songs here.

M.C. Nightshade And The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra – Carpe Noctem CD

Limited edition CD version of Carpe Noctem LP with 4 bonus tracks. Two of them (St. James Infirmary and Bela Lugosi’s Dead) have been released as a limited bonus 7″ with the LP but 2 live covers (Egyptian Fantasy and My Girl’s Pussy) are exclusives for this release. Now sold out. Digital version is available at CDBaby.

Carpe Noctem limited digipack CD.

Lonestation – Dark Matter – limited edition 2 CD metal box set

Great debut album from Glenn Campling and Mark Garner that includes all the 4 EPs that they have already released digitally thru their website in the last two years plus a bonus track. This metal box version is limited to 20 copies, all are sold out now.  Regular CD version will be available soon. Till then, digital version is available at

I also got an extremely limited CD of the first 3 EPs, there are only two in existence.

David J – Kanreki – 2 CDs

This special little gem is a gift for David J to his 60th birthday including versions of his songs covered by friends and collaborators. Just to name a few, Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) did a great take on ‘Mess Up’, Roger Rideout and David Stretton (band mates from JAM, David’s first band) did their versions of ‘Chauffeur’ and ‘Fingers In The Grease’ and Darwin (David’s manager and partner in crime who put this CD together) did a nice take on ‘Holiday On The Moon’. Most of the CDs went out to friends and collaborators but few copies were available to grab at Patreon. Many thanks to David for putting one aside for me.

David J – Kanreki – front/back sleeve

David J – Kanreki – inner sleeve

Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club featuring David J – The Emperor’s New Clothes 7″

Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club is actually the same band as The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra including Joshua James and all those great jazz musicians. This limited charity single has one exclusive track with David J on vocals while the b-side has a version of “My Girl’s Pussy” (live version of this song is also available on the CD version of Carpe Noctem). Order your copy while the stock lasts.

Poptone – Live album 2017

This 11 track digital album was released via Pledgemusic and still no physical version available. If you missed the campaign, you will have to wait for the upcoming release.

Alan Moore – Mandrillifesto 7″

This is a new release by Alan Moore and Joe Brown. Actually, it is Alan Moore’s second ever 7″ single and his first 7″ in the last 35 years. First one was, of course, the legendary The March Of The Sinister Ducks. Go and order your copy at Bandcamp. plagiarism or how I became a thief (of my own work)

Well……I have always considered myself as a good guy. I have been running my website for almost ten years and I got lots of requests thru the years and I have tried my best to help out people, provided material for half dozen books, sent freebie CDs and digital recordings for people I barely knew etc.  But I just realised that some people think (or could think) that I’m thief or at least a plagiarist… Let me tell you how it came about…

Few weeks ago I got an email from a young fan of Bauhaus, he requested me to send him a recording of an old gig. He stated that he has nothing to send in return but I didn’t mind as I like to do favours. I sent it to him and got a heartfelt ‘thank you’ email but there was something in it that really shocked me. He said it must have been huge work to copy all those Bauhaus setlists from onto my website. I said “What???!!!” and went to to see that most of setlists from my website now appear there. ALMOST EVERY setlist that I collected and worked out from old bootleg recordings and stuff I got from other fans have been added to that website by Trentkers and Blue_Meany (and maybe some more users ) without asking me, giving credits or at least adding a simple link to my website. I wouldn’t mind if it would be a couple of setlists but I speak about few hundreds. I know it’s very hard to prove it, but i’m pretty sure about it. Just take a look at the following examples.

Exactly the same list of gigs here and there. What I’m missing is also missing there, what I have is also available there…

Setlist for Den Haag 81 gig. They even reproduced my “Live improvisation” comments for Colours (and they also called the different pieces Part I, Part II and Part III as I did, spooky isn’t it?)

Setlist for David J Chicago 1990 gig. They made the same mistake as I did because this setlist is a pretty much mixed (first 6 songs should have been in mid-section)


I believe there is no such thing as copyright for this material but people should respect other people’s work. I have worked out most of the setlists myself, listened over 500+ hours of music, compared different versions of songs etc, and maintained my website for almost 10 years.
And now somebody just came and suggested that I have lifted material from, and that really pissed me off, that people think I’m a thief even though I have put serious work onto my website…I think that using (or ‘stealing’ if I want to be frank) that huge amount of work without any permission is such an awful thing that I had to say something about it.


That’s something that I really don’t like about Internet. People think that just because things are up there they could be used without permission. I have seen lots of material from my website floating on various websites and social media and mostly without linking source or giving credits. I believe that you came across with that great photos of Bauhaus with Nico @ Manchester 1981? That photos were made by Akiforhair and been published on my website first with credits and thanks to the author who was kind enough to digitise them for me. And then somebody just shared that pictures without credits and you know the rest. They were used everywhere, sometimes even with wrong date/venue (Salford Uni) but always without mentioning the photographer. That’s how this world works now.


So, please people, do RESPECT each other and each other’s work and ask before posting/sharing/using something that don’t belong to you…


Thanks for reading.


Daniel Ash – Rare trax compilation – 3rd CD

This is a follow up to my 2 Daniel Ash – Rare trax compilations and unfortunately a little bit more ramshackle than the previous ones due lack of material. I had about 10 leftovers that haven’t found their places on the first 2 CDs and my first intention was to fill the remaining space with Poptone stuff recorded for WFMU radio session and some Daniel Ash songs from an early Love And Rockets rehearsal but it didn’t work well. So I decided to use remixes for filler tracks instead. Some of them are really intriguing as Daniel tends to add extra backing vocals and/or guitars to his remixes. His backing vocals are very obvious in Modern Day Privateers and Young Americans and there is a very Ash-ish guitar bit in I’m Crazy as well, but I’m not sure about the others.
As for the core tracks, there are few real gems here like 2 versions of The Spider Song by The Exit Girls from ’83. This tracks were recorded at Beck Studios during Bauhaus days. Daniel produced the session and also contributed guitars, his bits later appeared in Tones On Tails songs like Burning Skies, Never Never etc. The Spider Song was released on cassette by Northampton Musicians Collective in ’85, however it was a very low-key release and almost impossible to find a copy now.
Another rare track is called It’s a Dog’s World which is actually an early longer version of Kid 2000 (later appeared on his 3rd self-titled solo album) without spoken-word by Daniel’s nephew.
One song I was pondering about is Demon out. It was floating around the internet about 15 years ago and I’m still not sure if it has anything to do with Daniel. I haven’t found anything about it over the years so any information are welcome.
Please note that Watch Me Burn is just a placeholder here, a little excerpt that will be replaced with the final version when “Love, Ecstasy, Terror” (first solo album by Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge) comes out.

CD 3

01, The Spider Song 3:44
Exit Girls w/ Daniel Ash, A Nestfull Of Starlings Pt. 31 1983
02, The Spider Song – dub mix 3:47
Exit Girls w/ Daniel Ash, A Nestfull Of Starlings Pt. 31 1983
03, Malediction 3:36
Botanica w/ Daniel Ash, Malediction CD 1999
04, It’s A Dog’s World 4:47
Show Reel licensing sampler CD-R 2001
05, Simultaneous 6:35
Puscifer w/ Daniel Ash, Money $hot 2LP 2015
06, Jealousy 3:35
Demo, remastered and edited 2016
07, Ball of Confusion 6:06
21st Century version, Stripped outtake(?) 2014
08, Malediction 3:35
Bubbleman mix, Botanica w/ Daniel Ash, With All Seven Fingers CD 2002
09, Watch Me Burn 0:14
Excerpt, Adam Bravin w/ Daniel Ash, Love, Ecstasy, Terror
10, Burning Man 6:26
Instrumental, Burning Man 12" 2001
11, Demon Out 5:58
Unknown source (Internet) 2002
12, Nephritis 4:38
Daniel Ash re-mix, Bones Howell - Hair of The Dog limited edition 7" / digital single 2011
13, Modern Day Privateers 3:42
Daniel Ash Thunder Clap Remix w/ additional vocals, bass and guitars, ...And We All Die - Modern Day Privateers digital single 2016
14, I’m Crazy 4:13
PMS-mix, unknown band
15, Razor’s Edge 4:21
Daniel Ash & Magic Crystal Mix, Celebration, Soundcloud 2014
16, Maniera 3:41
Remixed by Daniel Ash, Sukekiyo - Adoratio 2CD/Blu Ray 2017
17, Young Americans 5:09
Daniel Ash re-mix of a David Bowie classic w/ additional vocals, Daniel Ash's MySpace 2009

Signed CD by Daniel Ash is back

UPDATE 2017-12-07:
After serious issues with OpenShift I had to move my website again. Now I have an own virtual server so hopefully it will work much more reliable than before…

Just a short note to let you know that my Bauhaus Gig Guide website is available again. Site has been moved from OpenShift V2 to OpenShift V3. Due technical problems with the new platform some features have been removed and you could also experience slower performance, please be patient. Thanks. went down

Sad to say but my Bauhaus Gig Guide website went down yesterday due lack of background service. OpenShift V2 has reached end of life and despite the fact that I had spent long hours with migrating to V3 I still have serious problems with it. Unfortunately it’s very unlikely that I can solve this problems in a foreseeable future so I might need to move my site again. That’s pretty sad as OpenShift V2 had worked as charm for years. Before that I had tried several free providers and moved my site from one to another half dozen times and that was very exhausting job, so I’m not in a best mood to start struggling with that again…So I will give OpenShift V3 a week or two before that…

Anyway, If you could suggest a reliable free PHP/MySql provider then please let me know. Thanks.

David J – Tim Newman remixes 2011 – 2017 – 2 CDs

We hooked up with Tim when I had released my David J – Live rarities CDs and he sent me his Pulling Arrows remixes. I was blown away and we discussed about a possible release with David. That never happened (yet) but Tim did lots of David J remixes and collaborations over the years, some of them are already released at David’s Patreon site and his new versions for Feel Like Robert Johnson and Ascension are now available on David’s new Vagabond Songs album. He also contributed to (She’s Got) Chinatown In The Rain In Her Eyes from the LP.
This compilation contains Tim’s takes and remixes of David J songs (except the recent ones)

CD 1
01 – Within Arms Reach 4:11
02 – The Keys To Your Wheels 4:08
03 – The Walking Wounded 3:48
04 – Still Dead 4:41
05 – Told Him Everything 5:02
06 – New Tattoos 5:09
07 – Desoto Bridge 6:03
08 – Eulogy For Jeff Buckley – remix 1 9:41
09 – Eulogy For Jeff Buckley – remix 2 6:29
10 – Little Miss Impeccable – remix 1 5:03
11 – Little Miss Impeccable – remix 2 5:03
12 – Little Miss Impeccable – remix 3 4:19
13 – Feel Like Robert Johnson At The Three Forks Saloon 5:11
14 – Ascension 5:04

Running time: 01:13:55

Track 01 – 03: 2010/2011. Remixes for Pulling Arrows From Our Heels from Estranged album. We had plans for releasing them on an EP along with David’s original and his KCRW session version and had another plan later for a joint release with Memphis Ghosts remixes as ‘Ghosts And Arrows’ EP. Then David suggested to put it aside for a possible release as a bonus disc with the limited edition 10th year anniversary vinyl re-issue of his Estranged album. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, maybe for the 15th or 20th anniversary…
Track 04 – 07: 2011. Remixes for Memphis Ghosts form Candy On The Cross CD single. Original Memphis Ghosts is a great forgotten gem (with Tony Fitzpatrick’s brilliant poem recited by David) and Tim’s remixes give it justice. Still Dead is my personal favourite of his remixes, bit slower and the most recognizably related to the original. Told Him Everything is a nice transition between Still Dead and New Tattoos which goes more farther from the original while Desoto Bridge is a great dub mix.
Track 08 – 09: 2014. Remixes for Eulogy For Jeff Buckley from Not Long For This World album, “one in a sort of Unkle style, a bit like the main Memphis Ghosts one and another in a neo classical style using lots of strings”.
Track 10 – 12: 2014-2015. Remixes for Little Miss Impeccable from An Eclipse of Ships album.
Track 13: 2015. This is the first mix that released on Patreon (24/07/2015), Vagabond Songs LP contains a slightly different mix. Back in 2014 I did a trade for a rare gem, a licensing sampler/promo CD called Demo selection 2003 that had the incomplete demo version of Robert Johnson. The same incomplete version was streamed on David’s website years ago as part of ‘Tracks from the Attic’ series. I loved that track so I asked David about it. He was kind enough to unearth the full demo for me, and also sent it to Tim to work on it. Tim did wonderful work with it, this track is still my favourite on Vagabond Songs.
Track 14: 2015. Tim’s new version for David’s demo that also appeared on Demo selection 2003. Paired with David’s original this new version was released as a b-side of The Day That David Bowie Died 10″ in 2016 and also appeared on Vagabond Songs.

01 – Down In The Tenderloin – master version w/ voices 6:02
02 – Down In The Tenderloin – To The Panhandle 8:11
03 – Down In The Tenderloin – master version – no voices 6:02
04 – (She’s Got) Chinatown In The Rain In Her Eyes – 2015/09/20 mix 5:18
05 – (She’s Got) Chinatown In The Rain In Her Eyes – Rain In Her Eyes 3:45
06 – (She’s Got) Chinatown In The Rain In Her Eyes – Year Of The Monkey 3:36.
07 – Albino Dog – Jeffes At Budapest Airport 6:13
08 – Albino Dog – Main mix – long version 14:32
09 – Gimme Some Truth – TN mix 3:43
10 – A Day In The Life Of The One That Got Away – TN version 6:56
11 – His Majesty The Executioner 7:50

Running time : 01:12:13

Track 01, 03: 2015. Re-recorded versions for Down In The Tenderloin, yet another song from the great Demo selection 2003 CD. Because of tuning issues with David’s original, Tim decided to re-record it completely. Track 03 is an instrumental version while Track 01 has some YouTube samples of a woman being interviewed in the Tenderloin and placeholder vocals by Tim.
Track 02 : 2015. An alternate version / remix for Down In The Tenderloin.
Track 04 : 2015. First longer mix of Chinatown. Different shorter mix appeared later on both Patreon (02/08/2016) and Vagabond Songs.
Track 05 : 2015. Alternate version / remix for Chinatown.
Track 06 : 2015. “Lovely ambient remix by the brilliant Tim Newman.” as David said on Patreon (08/03/2016)
Track 07 : 2016. This track had been recorded as part of Albino Dog sessions with a little input from me. Later it was shortened to half and renamed to ‘Trek to Dransdanubia’ by David. Official release is imminent…
Track 08 : 2016. Full length version of Albino Dog main mix. Shorter version will appear on the upcoming record.
Track 09 : 2016. Tim’s unreleased mix for Gimme Some Truth.
Track 10 : 2017. Tim’s contribution to David’s 60th birthday present CD called Kanreki! Vocals by Sarah Newman. Demo version of this song was released as a bonus track on the 2006 Plain Records reissue of Crocodile Tears album.
Track 11 : 2017. This song just appeared on Patreon (21/08/2017) recently. Piano bits have been transferred from David’s home tapes by me. Additional music by Tim, vocals by David J. You can hear it live on his ongoing Vagabond tour.