Releases from 2017

Well, 2017 was a good year for Bauhaus fans, we got several new releases. I just thought to put together a list of my favourites from the last year, so here it is.

David J – Vagabond Songs 2xLP

Stunning new album from David that includes re-recorded / re-worked versions of some of my old favourites like “Feel Like Robert Johnson” and “There’s Room In My Summer For Two”. Demo versions for both that tracks along with “Ascension” appeared on a very limited licensing sampler CD called Demo selection 2003, although  Robert Johnson was an incomplete version there. Most of the album tracks had been previewed in David’s Patreon site before the release, but “Ester” and “Vesivio’s Window” got replaced with different versions on the LP. Released version of Robert Johnson is also a slightly different mix comparing with the Patreon version. Another interesting piece is “A Star Crossed Shipboard Romance” as David had a demo called “Shipboard Romance” back in 1983 which is a different song about the same romance. Order Vagabond songs here.

M.C. Nightshade And The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra – Carpe Noctem CD

Limited edition CD version of Carpe Noctem LP with 4 bonus tracks. Two of them (St. James Infirmary and Bela Lugosi’s Dead) have been released as a limited bonus 7″ with the LP but 2 live covers (Egyptian Fantasy and My Girl’s Pussy) are exclusives for this release. Now sold out. Digital version is available at CDBaby.

Carpe Noctem limited digipack CD.

Lonestation – Dark Matter – limited edition 2 CD metal box set

Great debut album from Glenn Campling and Mark Garner that includes all the 4 EPs that they have already released digitally thru their website in the last two years plus a bonus track. This metal box version is limited to 20 copies, all are sold out now.  Regular CD version will be available soon. Till then, digital version is available at

I also got an extremely limited CD of the first 3 EPs, there are only two in existence.

David J – Kanreki – 2 CDs

This special little gem is a gift for David J to his 60th birthday including versions of his songs covered by friends and collaborators. Just to name a few, Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) did a great take on ‘Mess Up’, Roger Rideout and David Stretton (band mates from JAM, David’s first band) did their versions of ‘Chauffeur’ and ‘Fingers In The Grease’ and Darwin (David’s manager and partner in crime who put this CD together) did a nice take on ‘Holiday On The Moon’. Most of the CDs went out to friends and collaborators but few copies were available to grab at Patreon. Many thanks to David for putting one aside for me.

David J – Kanreki – front/back sleeve

David J – Kanreki – inner sleeve

Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club featuring David J – The Emperor’s New Clothes 7″

Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club is actually the same band as The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra including Joshua James and all those great jazz musicians. This limited charity single has one exclusive track with David J on vocals while the b-side has a version of “My Girl’s Pussy” (live version of this song is also available on the CD version of Carpe Noctem). Order your copy while the stock lasts.

Poptone – Live album 2017

This 11 track digital album was released via Pledgemusic and still no physical version available. If you missed the campaign, you will have to wait for the upcoming release.

Alan Moore – Mandrillifesto 7″

This is a new release by Alan Moore and Joe Brown. Actually, it is Alan Moore’s second ever 7″ single and his first 7″ in the last 35 years. First one was, of course, the legendary The March Of The Sinister Ducks. Go and order your copy at Bandcamp.