Releases from 2017

Well, 2017 was a good year for Bauhaus fans, we got several new releases. I just thought to put together a list of my favourites from the last year, so here it is.

David J – Vagabond Songs 2xLP

Stunning new album from David that includes re-recorded / re-worked versions of some of my old favourites like “Feel Like Robert Johnson” and “There’s Room In My Summer For Two”. Demo versions for both that tracks along with “Ascension” appeared on a very limited licensing sampler CD called Demo selection 2003, although  Robert Johnson was an incomplete version there. Most of the album tracks had been previewed in David’s Patreon site before the release, but “Ester” and “Vesivio’s Window” got replaced with different versions on the LP. Released version of Robert Johnson is also a slightly different mix comparing with the Patreon version. Another interesting piece is “A Star Crossed Shipboard Romance” as David had a demo called “Shipboard Romance” back in 1983 which is a different song about the same romance. Order Vagabond songs here.

M.C. Nightshade And The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra – Carpe Noctem CD

Limited edition CD version of Carpe Noctem LP with 4 bonus tracks. Two of them (St. James Infirmary and Bela Lugosi’s Dead) have been released as a limited bonus 7″ with the LP but 2 live covers (Egyptian Fantasy and My Girl’s Pussy) are exclusives for this release. Now sold out. Digital version is available at CDBaby.

Carpe Noctem limited digipack CD.

Lonestation – Dark Matter – limited edition 2 CD metal box set

Great debut album from Glenn Campling and Mark Garner that includes all the 4 EPs that they have already released digitally thru their website in the last two years plus a bonus track. This metal box version is limited to 20 copies, all are sold out now.  Regular CD version will be available soon. Till then, digital version is available at

I also got an extremely limited CD of the first 3 EPs, there are only two in existence.

David J – Kanreki – 2 CDs

This special little gem is a gift for David J to his 60th birthday including versions of his songs covered by friends and collaborators. Just to name a few, Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) did a great take on ‘Mess Up’, Roger Rideout and David Stretton (band mates from JAM, David’s first band) did their versions of ‘Chauffeur’ and ‘Fingers In The Grease’ and Darwin (David’s manager and partner in crime who put this CD together) did a nice take on ‘Holiday On The Moon’. Most of the CDs went out to friends and collaborators but few copies were available to grab at Patreon. Many thanks to David for putting one aside for me.

David J – Kanreki – front/back sleeve

David J – Kanreki – inner sleeve

Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club featuring David J – The Emperor’s New Clothes 7″

Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club is actually the same band as The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra including Joshua James and all those great jazz musicians. This limited charity single has one exclusive track with David J on vocals while the b-side has a version of “My Girl’s Pussy” (live version of this song is also available on the CD version of Carpe Noctem). Order your copy while the stock lasts.

Poptone – Live album 2017

This 11 track digital album was released via Pledgemusic and still no physical version available. If you missed the campaign, you will have to wait for the upcoming release.

Alan Moore – Mandrillifesto 7″

This is a new release by Alan Moore and Joe Brown. Actually, it is Alan Moore’s second ever 7″ single and his first 7″ in the last 35 years. First one was, of course, the legendary The March Of The Sinister Ducks. Go and order your copy at Bandcamp.

The Happening – 1984

The Happening zine

September: (1st) David displays self-made collages as his contribution to ‘The Happening’ a multi-media event created by Barry Hale and Mitch Jenkins held once again at The Derngate in Northampton as well as playing a set with The Jazz Butcher Group. Kevin Haskins and Daniel Ash contribute proto-Bubblemen wall paintings. David additionally contributes (along with Alan Moore) three pages to the events associated fanzine. Also included with the pages of the zine is a feature written by The Wigmore Society…aka The Jazz Butcher.
David J Timeline (c) Andrew J Brooksbank

‘The Happening’ art magazine was limited to 100 copies, each copy had been numbered individually and came in a large A4 sized envelope. Contributors to the magazine were Alex Novak, Terence Walpole, Barry Hale, Pat Fish, Tim Perkins, Mitch Jenkins, David J and Alan Moore.

  • Alex Novak had 3 promo pages about his band Religious Overdose and Attrition (including a detailed Attrition discography).
  • Terence Walpole had 2 pages with drawings and a poem called ‘In Time All Must Return To The One’
  • Barry Hale had 3 pages including one with title ‘The Doris Day Story’ and another with stills from ‘Jesus Sutcliffe’ – one of a series of 5 second films from CSAWZA
  • Mitch Jenkins had a pages with a photo entitled ‘Homme Fatale’ and series of photos entitled ‘For The Love of Tea’.
  • David J had 3 pages of ‘Sabotaged Sheets’ cuttings / collages.  Some of his ‘Sabotaged Sheets’ were shown recently at Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco as part of Wall of Sound exhibition.
  • Alan Moore contributed with 2 pages of an otherwise unavailable piece called ‘An Excerpt From Alan Moore’s America – An Impossibly Rich Celebrity’s Guide’. This piece describes his way back to Kennedy airport on the last day of his American visit.  There was an article published with same title, ‘An Impossibly Rich Celebrity’s Guide’ in Escape Magazine #6 the same year which had just a few lines about the events described here in detail.
  • Tim Perkins contributed one (or two) page(s) to the zine. He also did music score for a thematic Audio6-Visual6 series, one 2 min. video piece entitled “Facade part 7” that had been screened at the event. Score comprised songs like “Sticky Buns from Hell“, “Perverse Chick”, “Death of a Nation” and “Drug store sex”.
  • The Jazz Butcher (Pat Fish) also contributed a 2 pages piece called ‘Soviet Intelligence And The Secrets Of Invisibility – from the current concerns desk of the Wigmore Organisation’. (Thanks to Andrew J Brooksbank for information)
  • The Happening envelope also contains a copy of Time Devours / Stranded In The City 7″ by Trance

It’s pretty interesting to see how  contributors crossed paths after ‘The Happening’ event, see later Emperors of Ice Cream (Alan Moore and Tim Perkins), The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels (Alan Moore, David J, Tim Perkins), Show Pieces (Alan Moore / Mitch Jenkins), recordings of London/Trampling Tokyo (Alan Moore / Pat Fish), various photo sessions for David J / Love And Rockets / The Jazz Butcher  albums by Mitch Jenkins, production of Love and Rockets video ‘ The Haunted Fish Tank’ by Barry Hale etc.

The Dandelion Set – A Thousand Strands 1975-2015

Glyn Bush (Rockers Hi Fi, The D-Go-Tees) and PK (aka Mr. Liquorice) played together in bands like Carnelian and Stanton Walgrave and wrote music for Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance in the ’70s. Now they are together again under the name of The Dandelion Set (also featuring Sam Coppen on clarinet, alto sax and vocals) and their debut album is available to pre-order from Buried Treasure.

The longplayer has tracks from their 2013 EP, some new tunes and never-heard-before music from Another Suburban Romance play. This tracks were recorded from the original sheet music with lyrics provided by Alan Moore who also wrote sleeve notes and featured in ‘Judy Switched Off the TV’.


Live version of ‘Dark Doorway Launderettes’ (aka The Whore’s Poem) from the very first The Dandelion Set gig.



Alan Moore related compilation 3 CDs

I have made this CD set last year, it contains Alan Moore related music from my collection.
First CD has studio recording of The Satanic Nurses / Emperors of Ice Cream (second incarnation). Longer version of ‘The Murders on the Rue Morgue’ (track 2) can be found on Storyteller CD, listed as The Satanic Nurses. Track 1 and 3 are sourced from the same recording so they could be Nurses tracks as well. Some Emperors tracks can be found on Storyteller CD also but there are few unreleased songs there like ‘London’, ‘Positively Bridge Street’ and Intro.
CD 2 has the live recording of Emperors UFO gig mentioned in ‘Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore‘ book, studio version of Emperors take on ‘Old Gangsters Never Die’ and 2 tracks with Pat Fish (‘Trampling Tokyo’ also available on Storyteller CD).
CD 3 has some odd tracks taken from old tapes including Alex Green’s home demos for the early Emperors of Ice Cream from ’78, instrumental demos of Mystery Guest‘s ‘Wurlitzer Junction’, live versions of Mystery Guests songs with Alan Moore lyrics, D-Go-Tees versions of 2 early Emperors songs and a D-Go-Tees song with Alan Moore lyrics.

CD 1

01, Another Suburban Romance 4:01
02, The Murders on the Rue Morgue 4:55
03, Fires I’d Wish I’d Seen 3:20
04, London 5:03
05, Me And Dorothy Parker 3:39
06, Mr A 3:50
07, Positively Bridge Street 4:29
08, Another Suburban Romance slightly different version 4:09
09, The Intro Of Ice Cream 3:00
10, The Murders on the Rue Morgue different shorter version 4:38

CD 2

01, Another Suburban Romance (live) 4:11
02, The Murders on the Roe Morgue (live) 3:42
03, Positively Bridge Street (live) 4:06
04, Me And Dorothy Parker (live) 3:29
05, Mr. A (live) 3:19
06, White Light / White Heat (Velvet Underground) (live) 4:25
07, Old Gangsters Never Die (studio) 11:32
08, London (different version) (Pat Fish / Alan Moore) 4:43
09, Trampling Tokyo (Pat Fish / Alan Moore) 5:33

CD 3

01, Wurlitzer Junction Mystery Guests guitar demo #1 1:25
02, Skyscraper early Emperors instrumental demo ’78 1:29
03, Do The Bum’s Rush (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) instrumental demo ’78 2:24
04, Whore’s Poem part 1 – Mystery Guests live ’81 0:57
05, Whore’s Poem part 2 – Mystery Guests live ’81 1:58
06, Wurlitzer Junction Mystery Guests guitar demo #2 1:27
07, Do The Bum’s Rush (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) D-Go-Tees demo 2:17
08, The Merry Shark You Are Mystery Guests live ’81 2:48
09, Sweet Potatoes Warbling (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) D-Go-Tees demo 2:42
10, The Age of Bavaria D-Go-Tees demo (written by Alan Moore/Glyn Bush) 2:39
11, Wurlitzer Junction full instrumental demo by Alex Green / Pickle 2:14

David J – Missives From The Burning Stage CD

Limited edition bonus CD for David J‘s ‘An Eclipse of Ships‘ Kickstarter campaign. Includes two previously unreleased covers (Androgynous, Falling In Love Again), alternate versions of two Alan Moore penned songs (Song From The Kitty Kat Keller, This Vicious Cabaret) and reworked version of Love And Rocket‘s Ghosts Of The Multiple Feature.



Missives - front cover

Missives From The Burning Stage – front cover

01, Androgynous 3:18
02, Joe Orton’s Wedding 2:37
03, Candy On The Cross 4:10
04, Streets Of Berlin 3:19
05, Falling In Love Again 2:54
06, Pretty 2:11
07, Song From The Kitty Kat Keller 5:27
08, This Vicious Cabaret 3:39
09, Ghosts Of The Multiple Feature 2:46
10, Time 4:45
11, Tower of Song (Leonard Cohen) 5:00
12, I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) 3:06

Total running time : 43:12

Missives - back cover

Missives From The Burning Stage – back cover

Track 1-10: ‘Missives From The Burning Stage’
Recorded with Cabaret Oscuro in LA around 2007.
David J – vocals
Joyce Rooks – cello & backing vocals
Mister Uncertain – piano
Tom Vos – violin
Recorded by Ego Plum

Track 11: Recorded live at The Walnut Room, Denver, CO 12/02/2007
Johnette Napolitano – vocals
David J – vocals
Kenny Annis – guitar

Track 12: Recorded at the Grand Midway Hotel, Windber, PA during rehearsals for the Jeff Buckley tribute concert
(Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA 05/15/2010)
David J – lead vocals & guitar
Damian Youth – harmony vocals
Kevin Bean – harmony vocals

Edited by Gábor Németh.
Design by Joren Lindholm.
Photo by Judy Lyon.
Special thanks to David J.

Missives From The Burning Stage limited CDs

Missives From The Burning Stage limited CDs

Alan Moore / Pat Fish

1993-10-19 – Letters From Pat Fish
I have recorded two tracks with Alan Moore, the comics writer. One is called Trampling Tokyo with music by Richard Formby and words by Alan. It is a pacific little number about how Godzilla is sick of his job and would like to retire to Monster Island. The other is called London. It has music by me and lyrics by Alan and is DEEPLY GRIM but ROCKING. I’m mixing them on saturday. I don’t know what will happen to them. Alan is also planning sessions with David J. and others.”
Pat Fish (taken from The Jazz Butcher official site)

London (04:43)
Unreleased. Another (unreleased) version has been recorded by The Emperors of Ice Cream.
Illustrated version of the lyrics was printed in Negative Burn #10 (April 1994), later reprinted in Alan Moore’s Songbook (Caliber Comics, 1998).

Trampling Tokyo (05:33)
Appears on Alan Moore: Storyteller CD.
Illustrated version of the lyrics was printed in Negative Burn #18 (December 1994), later reprinted in Alan Moore’s Songbook (Caliber Comics, 1998) and Negative Burn: The Best From 1993-1998 (Desperado Publishing, 2005).

Mr. Liquorice

Mr. Liquorice pseudonym was used by Pickle (Mystery Guests) as a solo artist. He did a few live gigs under that name in ’81 and ‘released’ his songs on a cassette called ‘Limbo Trains’. He also produced a one-off fanzine with David J of Bauhaus which has strips by Alan Moore.

The fanzine that David J and I did together was called TV Murders and was a kind of an anti-fanzine in that it featured no reviews or gig-listings of any kind. Only surrealistic cut-ups and montages. Another commercial hi-point.
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice)

Later in 1983 he contributed some background noises to ‘The Gospel According To Fear’ (b-side track of David J’s debut single) and he did transcription of another David J composition ‘This Vicious Cabaret’ for ‘V for Vendetta’ comic.


1 August:
First Mr.Liquorice live gig @ Roadmender Club, Northampton

The second Sinister Ducks’ gig was at an event i promoted called ‘The Summer Shock Special’ at the Roadmender which utilised nearly all the rooms in the building for various events and performances. Red and green food and snacks were on sale. Was also my solo debut as Mr Liquorice.
Also on the bill were The Sinister Ducks,The D-Go-tees,a performance group called Living Room
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice)

7 October:
Live gig with Alex Green, he provided sax for 2 songs including Summer Sock Hotel.

9 October:
Live gig with The De-Goo-Tees.

De-Go-Tees @ Square Club

De-Go-Tees @ Square Club

22 October:
‘LIMBO TRAINS’ tape came out. It has ‘several dozen mini masterpieces’ including Summer Shock Hotel, The Cut-Glass Rodeo and Limbo Trains. It also includes a short instrumental version of an old Dapper Choir song called ‘Caption Music’.

Mr. Liquorice - Limbo Trains tape

Mr. Liquorice – Limbo Trains tape