Escalator (1976-1980)

‘Escalator'(1976-1980) An embarrassing Northampton jazz-funk band. The line up included Adrian Utley,now in PORTISHEAD,and the excellent drummer Coach York who later played on David’s ‘Crocodile Tears’ album.
Alex Green, Apollox 1995

Escalator was originally Adrian, Andy Kennedy, Alex, Will Ballard on bass and me. Later reformed as a commercial band with Derek Merry on bass and vocals, Andy, Adrian and me, and a girl singer for a couple of weeks called Joy Du Bern.
Coach York

Escalator live dates (very incomplete list)
1978-01-22 – Reunion gig (played songs: Chameleon, Vacuum Cleaners, Blue Bossa, Hasten Slowly)
1978-05-21 – Threnody and Gallstone
1979-11-11 – Escalator reunion party
1980-03-01 – 2 gigs in the Lake Discrict (Winscale)
1980-03-22/23 – 2 gigs in Cumbria

February 1980: Alex Green, Adrian Utley and Coach York also joined Jono Bell’s band The Army. Escalator finally split up on the 19/04/1980.

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