Alan Moore related compilation 3 CDs

I have made this CD set last year, it contains Alan Moore related music from my collection.
First CD has studio recording of The Satanic Nurses / Emperors of Ice Cream (second incarnation). Longer version of ‘The Murders on the Rue Morgue’ (track 2) can be found on Storyteller CD, listed as The Satanic Nurses. Track 1 and 3 are sourced from the same recording so they could be Nurses tracks as well. Some Emperors tracks can be found on Storyteller CD also but there are few unreleased songs there like ‘London’, ‘Positively Bridge Street’ and Intro.
CD 2 has the live recording of Emperors UFO gig mentioned in ‘Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore‘ book, studio version of Emperors take on ‘Old Gangsters Never Die’ and 2 tracks with Pat Fish (‘Trampling Tokyo’ also available on Storyteller CD).
CD 3 has some odd tracks taken from old tapes including Alex Green’s home demos for the early Emperors of Ice Cream from ’78, instrumental demos of Mystery Guest‘s ‘Wurlitzer Junction’, live versions of Mystery Guests songs with Alan Moore lyrics, D-Go-Tees versions of 2 early Emperors songs and a D-Go-Tees song with Alan Moore lyrics.

CD 1

01, Another Suburban Romance 4:01
02, The Murders on the Rue Morgue 4:55
03, Fires I’d Wish I’d Seen 3:20
04, London 5:03
05, Me And Dorothy Parker 3:39
06, Mr A 3:50
07, Positively Bridge Street 4:29
08, Another Suburban Romance slightly different version 4:09
09, The Intro Of Ice Cream 3:00
10, The Murders on the Rue Morgue different shorter version 4:38

CD 2

01, Another Suburban Romance (live) 4:11
02, The Murders on the Roe Morgue (live) 3:42
03, Positively Bridge Street (live) 4:06
04, Me And Dorothy Parker (live) 3:29
05, Mr. A (live) 3:19
06, White Light / White Heat (Velvet Underground) (live) 4:25
07, Old Gangsters Never Die (studio) 11:32
08, London (different version) (Pat Fish / Alan Moore) 4:43
09, Trampling Tokyo (Pat Fish / Alan Moore) 5:33

CD 3

01, Wurlitzer Junction Mystery Guests guitar demo #1 1:25
02, Skyscraper early Emperors instrumental demo ’78 1:29
03, Do The Bum’s Rush (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) instrumental demo ’78 2:24
04, Whore’s Poem part 1 – Mystery Guests live ’81 0:57
05, Whore’s Poem part 2 – Mystery Guests live ’81 1:58
06, Wurlitzer Junction Mystery Guests guitar demo #2 1:27
07, Do The Bum’s Rush (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) D-Go-Tees demo 2:17
08, The Merry Shark You Are Mystery Guests live ’81 2:48
09, Sweet Potatoes Warbling (written by Alex Green for the Emperors) D-Go-Tees demo 2:42
10, The Age of Bavaria D-Go-Tees demo (written by Alan Moore/Glyn Bush) 2:39
11, Wurlitzer Junction full instrumental demo by Alex Green / Pickle 2:14

9 thoughts on “Alan Moore related compilation 3 CDs

  1. Greetings! I just stumbled upon this page and what an awesome compilation this is! I have most of Alan Moore’s CD’s and the Storyteller one, but I’m so eager to hear unreleased and live tracks. Is there any chance to buy this entire compilation from you, on physical disc or, better, in digital format? I can’t imagine another way to obtain this gems. Thanks in advance!

  2. That’s great news! I look forward to it. You mean, publish, as in a book? It sounds like the sort of book that should come with a CD…

    • Well, to be honest I’m not sure about the format…first it was intended to be a simple post here but it turned out shortly that it wouldn’t fit as I have way too much material…yes, a CD would be great, but getting permissions would be pretty hard as copyright owners for some of that songs have been disappeared for decades…

  3. btw, I’m currently reading Out From The Underground by Maggie Gray. In case you’re not aware, she refers to your gig guide quite a few times.

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