Daniel Ash – Rare trax compilation – 3rd CD

This is a follow up to my 2 Daniel Ash – Rare trax compilations and unfortunately a little bit more ramshackle than the previous ones due lack of material. I had about 10 leftovers that haven’t found their places on the first 2 CDs and my first intention was to fill the remaining space with Poptone stuff recorded for WFMU radio session and some Daniel Ash songs from an early Love And Rockets rehearsal but it didn’t work well. So I decided to use remixes for filler tracks instead. Some of them are really intriguing as Daniel tends to add extra backing vocals and/or guitars to his remixes. His backing vocals are very obvious in Modern Day Privateers and Young Americans and there is a very Ash-ish guitar bit in I’m Crazy as well, but I’m not sure about the others.
As for the core tracks, there are few real gems here like 2 versions of The Spider Song by The Exit Girls from ’83. This tracks were recorded at Beck Studios during Bauhaus days. Daniel produced the session and also contributed guitars, his bits later appeared in Tones On Tails songs like Burning Skies, Never Never etc. The Spider Song was released on cassette by Northampton Musicians Collective in ’85, however it was a very low-key release and almost impossible to find a copy now.
Another rare track is called It’s a Dog’s World which is actually an early longer version of Kid 2000 (later appeared on his 3rd self-titled solo album) without spoken-word by Daniel’s nephew.
One song I was pondering about is Demon out. It was floating around the internet about 15 years ago and I’m still not sure if it has anything to do with Daniel. I haven’t found anything about it over the years so any information are welcome.
Please note that Watch Me Burn is just a placeholder here, a little excerpt that will be replaced with the final version when “Love, Ecstasy, Terror” (first solo album by Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge) comes out.

CD 3

01, The Spider Song 3:44
Exit Girls w/ Daniel Ash, A Nestfull Of Starlings Pt. 31 1983
02, The Spider Song – dub mix 3:47
Exit Girls w/ Daniel Ash, A Nestfull Of Starlings Pt. 31 1983
03, Malediction 3:36
Botanica w/ Daniel Ash, Malediction CD 1999
04, It’s A Dog’s World 4:47
Show Reel licensing sampler CD-R 2001
05, Simultaneous 6:35
Puscifer w/ Daniel Ash, Money $hot 2LP 2015
06, Jealousy 3:35
Demo, remastered and edited 2016
07, Ball of Confusion 6:06
21st Century version, Stripped outtake(?) 2014
08, Malediction 3:35
Bubbleman mix, Botanica w/ Daniel Ash, With All Seven Fingers CD 2002
09, Watch Me Burn 0:14
Excerpt, Adam Bravin w/ Daniel Ash, Love, Ecstasy, Terror
10, Burning Man 6:26
Instrumental, Burning Man 12" 2001
11, Demon Out 5:58
Unknown source (Internet) 2002
12, Nephritis 4:38
Daniel Ash re-mix, Bones Howell - Hair of The Dog limited edition 7" / digital single 2011
13, Modern Day Privateers 3:42
Daniel Ash Thunder Clap Remix w/ additional vocals, bass and guitars, ...And We All Die - Modern Day Privateers digital single 2016
14, I’m Crazy 4:13
PMS-mix, unknown band
15, Razor’s Edge 4:21
Daniel Ash & Magic Crystal Mix, Celebration, Soundcloud 2014
16, Maniera 3:41
Remixed by Daniel Ash, Sukekiyo - Adoratio 2CD/Blu Ray 2017
17, Young Americans 5:09
Daniel Ash re-mix of a David Bowie classic w/ additional vocals, Daniel Ash's MySpace 2009

Signed CD by Daniel Ash

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