Tim Perkins solo (1986)

Tim Perkins’ pre-Ripzmag solo tape

Tim Perkins - Sticky Buns From Hell tape (1986)

Tim Perkins – Sticky Buns From Hell tape (1986)

Tim Perkins - Sticky Buns From Hell tape tracklist

Tim Perkins – Sticky Buns From Hell tape tracklist

The Submerged Tenth

“The band consisted of my little sixteen year old bother Kevin on drums, ‘X’ on guitar & backing vocals, the inimitable Yanis Zakis on vocals and myself on bass and backing vocals”
David J, http://www.davidjonline.com

Vince Venom : That is the punk name that Dave christened me with when I joined the band!
Janis Zakis

“In the late 70s he founded ALVA the first Latvian rock band in the UK but after disagreements amongst the band members came back home to his mother in Corby. Zakis then formed another unsuccessful band called Rock Blue until he went to college in Northampton and teamed up with the now legendary brothers, Dave and Kevin Haskins. Shaving his hair and then setting fire to the stubble Zakis launched his career as Northampton’s first real punk star. After a rapid rise and fall Zakis parted company with the Haskin brothers only to see them re – form as Bauhaus. Zakis took many years to get over the shock of having been so close to his first real brush with fame and success.”
Janis Zakis’ now disfunct website

That was another punk band and the other members were my brother David and Dave Exton. We only played a few shows and were bottled off the stage in one of them! I recall that we did a great version of “Downtown” made famous by Patula Clarke. Another song title that comes to mind is “9 to 5”.
Kevin Haskins

Submerged 10th song list

Submerged 10th song list

The covers we played were:
Raw Power – Iggy Pop
Road Runner – Jonathan Richman
Let’s spend the night together – Stones
Gloria – Van Morrison
Pablo Picasso – Jonathan Richman
Hang onto yourself – David Bowie
I’m not like anybody else – The Kinks
Down Town – as sung by Petula Clarke!

I think the rest of the songs were written by Dave Haskins
Janis Zakis

Kevin Haskins / Alex Green – Moneymen session

Around May 1993 Kevin Haskins (The Submerged Tenth, Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, Satanic Nurses) and Alex Green (The Emperors of Ice Cream, The Sinister Ducks) went to studio to record demo music for Dennis Hopper film ‘Moneymen’.
They recorded two songs, first one was a metallic cover of Berry Gordy’s ‘Money’ (previously covered by The Beatles). Second one was described as ‘a sort of Northampton-Gothic-Meets-The-Beastie-Boys type rap’ by Alex Green.
Unforunately both songs remained unreleased.

“The cover of Money was recorded at Far Heath Studios in Northamptonshire and the engineer was Angus Wallace. I think that I programmed all the instruments and the vocalist was Will Matthews”
Kevin Haskins

Alan Moore / Pat Fish

1993-10-19 – Letters From Pat Fish
I have recorded two tracks with Alan Moore, the comics writer. One is called Trampling Tokyo with music by Richard Formby and words by Alan. It is a pacific little number about how Godzilla is sick of his job and would like to retire to Monster Island. The other is called London. It has music by me and lyrics by Alan and is DEEPLY GRIM but ROCKING. I’m mixing them on saturday. I don’t know what will happen to them. Alan is also planning sessions with David J. and others.”
Pat Fish (taken from The Jazz Butcher official site)

London (04:43)
Unreleased. Another (unreleased) version has been recorded by The Emperors of Ice Cream.
Illustrated version of the lyrics was printed in Negative Burn #10 (April 1994), later reprinted in Alan Moore’s Songbook (Caliber Comics, 1998).

Trampling Tokyo (05:33)
Appears on Alan Moore: Storyteller CD.
Illustrated version of the lyrics was printed in Negative Burn #18 (December 1994), later reprinted in Alan Moore’s Songbook (Caliber Comics, 1998) and Negative Burn: The Best From 1993-1998 (Desperado Publishing, 2005).

Mr. Liquorice

Mr. Liquorice pseudonym was used by Pickle (Mystery Guests) as a solo artist. He did a few live gigs under that name in ’81 and ‘released’ his songs on a cassette called ‘Limbo Trains’. He also produced a one-off fanzine with David J of Bauhaus which has strips by Alan Moore.

The fanzine that David J and I did together was called TV Murders and was a kind of an anti-fanzine in that it featured no reviews or gig-listings of any kind. Only surrealistic cut-ups and montages. Another commercial hi-point.
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice)

Later in 1983 he contributed some background noises to ‘The Gospel According To Fear’ (b-side track of David J’s debut single) and he did transcription of another David J composition ‘This Vicious Cabaret’ for ‘V for Vendetta’ comic.


1 August:
First Mr.Liquorice live gig @ Roadmender Club, Northampton

The second Sinister Ducks’ gig was at an event i promoted called ‘The Summer Shock Special’ at the Roadmender which utilised nearly all the rooms in the building for various events and performances. Red and green food and snacks were on sale. Was also my solo debut as Mr Liquorice.
Also on the bill were The Sinister Ducks,The D-Go-tees,a performance group called Living Room
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice)

7 October:
Live gig with Alex Green, he provided sax for 2 songs including Summer Sock Hotel.

9 October:
Live gig with The De-Goo-Tees.

De-Go-Tees @ Square Club

De-Go-Tees @ Square Club

22 October:
‘LIMBO TRAINS’ tape came out. It has ‘several dozen mini masterpieces’ including Summer Shock Hotel, The Cut-Glass Rodeo and Limbo Trains. It also includes a short instrumental version of an old Dapper Choir song called ‘Caption Music’.

Mr. Liquorice - Limbo Trains tape

Mr. Liquorice – Limbo Trains tape